Why You Should Look Out For Blacklisted Casinos

One important skill players must cultivate before looking for a place to gamble at is recognizing that a UK casino is blacklisted so that it can be avoided. Each year dozens if not hundreds of online casino options are banned from being played in Europe, and these are casinos that you still might have access to. It's important to not only realise when a casino online is blacklisted, but also to understand why that's such a bad thing and why these casinos need to be avoided by British players.

The Most Common Reasons That A UK Blacklisted Casino Exists

Here are the most common reasons that blacklisted casinos exist in the first place. Some of these are scarier than others, but most players would agree that they don't want to play at any UK casino that is blacklisted after reading the reasons they obtain this status.

Failed To Pay Out Prize Money

One of the scariest reasons for a casino to be blacklisted in the United Kingdom is lack of payment to its players. There are casinos out there that will allow players to gamble but refuse to pay out any winnings once a player hits it big at a game. These places rake in huge sums of money because they are 100% profit. It isn't long before this type of establishment receives a bad name and is banned from operating in a country, but often players still end up visiting the sites. When playing at a blacklisted or rogue casino it's possible that your winnings will never be paid out.

Not Random

An online casino is only fair when its results are based on a random number generator. There are some casinos that manipulate the numbers running the casino to control the end results. These casinos create an unfair gaming environment for players and shouldn't be used to play for real money at all.

False Advertising

Another common reason that blacklisted UK casino sites come to be is through false advertising. Ads will promise big rewards or things that players simply can't achieve to lure them in and generate massive levels of profits. Players will come and play for real cash, only to lose out on that money.

Improper Security

Security is vitally important when you're entrusting an online casino with your financial information. If the site isn't operating using standard encryption practices players can be at serious risk of losing out on money and having their bank accounts and other financial accounts compromised. This is the worst type of blacklisted casino on the list.

Spotting A Blacklisted UK Casino

Now that you know the most common reasons casinos are blacklisted, it's important that you take the time to learn how to spot them so you can avoid them in the first place. First and foremost always look at the software that the casino is built on. Do a bit of research to ensure that the software is strong and reliable and that it isn't a custom-built platform. After you check out the software look at who is licensing the casino and make sure that organisation checks out. Finally you should look at all the deposit and withdraw methods the casino makes available. The ones with the most legitimate methods like PayPal, Skrill, Visa and MasterCard are generally safer to make use of.

Blacklisted UK Casinos

Here are some blacklisted casinos and where they went wrong.

  • Rushmore Casinos Doesn't pay out winnings.
  • Casino King Unfair terms and conditions
  • Casino Extreme Does not listen to player complaints
  • Games4Money Does not pay out winnings
  • Planet Kings Unfair terms and conditions
  • Ultimate Bet Major cheating scandal
  • VIP Gold Club Operating with stolen games
  • World Wide Wagering Unproven and unreliable software
  • Sunshine Bingo Poor customer support and failure to pay winnings
  • Lock Casino Unreasonable payment delays

We've Located The Most Trustworthy Casinos

Through our extensive research to find high quality casinos, we've put together a list of the top casinos as far as trust is concerned. Each of these casinos is regulated carefully and licensed in a reputable region. What this means is that they are safe to use and that these casinos are operating under fair practices as well.

When you're looking for a casino that can be counted on to play, these recommendations are all worth trying out. They all test out on our rigorous safety checks, and players in Britain should feel confident about playing at them.

Check out some of our casino recommendations and see what they can offer you.