A Guide To VIP Programmes At Casino Sites

UK players who frequent the same online casinos regularly need to think about the loyalty programme offered by that casino and what it can do for them. Every online casino offers some type of loyalty programme to players that wager enough money on a regular basis. This program typically offers points, prizes and other exciting perks to the players. There's a lot more that comes from one of these programmes than you might realize, so it's important to take the time to learn more about them and how you can maximize your loyalty bonuses.

There's No Enrolling Necessary

Unlike other loyalty programmes, you don't have to do anything special to become part of the VIP or loyalty program at your favourite casino. Simply join the site and start playing the games. The more you wager and the more regularly you wager money the faster you will move up to higher VIP levels. You don't even have to opt into the program you just automatically start in it from the time you join the casino.

The Point Snowball Effect

Many online casinos put a multiplier on the number of points that you earn once you move up to a higher VIP level. That means if you move up to Gold or Platinum status you will suddenly be generating two or four times as many points by playing the same games that you always do. Moving up to a higher level of the loyalty programme makes it much easier to earn the points that you need for prizes and other special perks.

Obtaining Special Rewards

As you earn points, gems, stars or whatever the casino happens to call your reward points for playing, you need to save them up for the prizes that mean the most to you. You can often spend them on additional chips to play the games that you like, but you could also be using them to buy special gadgets or to obtain branded clothing or other gear from the casino store. You can get some pretty cool prizes from the casino loyalty program, but you have to be patient enough to save up the points you need.

You Won't Always Remain At Your Current Loyalty Level

Casinos encourage active players to remain active through the loyalty or VIP program. If you want to remain a high level VIP at the casino you have to continue to wager high amounts of money regularly. As soon as you stop doing so you're level will drop down. Most online casinos have a threshold that you have to meet each and every month in order to qualify for that special VIP status and you'll likely lose it if you ever decide to take a break from the casino. It's important for you to use the program to get the most value from your play experience, but don't think that you have to keep gambling money just to maintain your VIP level if you aren't having fun. Casinos are for entertainment before anything else and it's important to keep that in mind as you play.

Getting Into Exclusive Tournaments

There are often exclusive tournaments available to certain VIP or loyalty players at the casino. After you wager so much money you obtain this high status level and can enter into exclusive tournaments and other special events, sometimes for free. These loyalty bonuses can lead the way to higher casino wins and even lead the way to high value tournaments and other special events that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise. Some professional poker players even got their start with some of these loyalty programmes so make the most of them when you can.