A Complete Review Of Rainbow Casino

Location and Contact information for the Birmingham Location

Address: 1 Portland Road EdgBaston Birmingham B16 9HN

Telephone: +44 121 454 1033

Web Address: http://www.rainbowcasino.co.uk/

The Rainbow Casino in Birmingham

Rainbow Casino is a widespread chain of casinos that are offered around the United Kingdom. There are a total of five locations overall and each of them is known for offering a high quality gambling experience. These casinos are affordable and readily accessible. Whether you want to play some table games, enjoy some electronic slots or simply grab a bite to eat, there's everything that you need at these casino locations.

The Games

Standard table games are available at each of the Rainbow casino locations. This means that you can enjoy Punto Banco, Blackjack, Roulette and Three card poker no matter where you go. There is also a wide selection of electronic machines for players that don't want to play at dealer-operated tables. You can still get a table game experience by playing electronic roulette, or you can switch to something like slots or video poker and really change up your experience. The slot machines are as cheap as 1p to play and go up to £2 per bet so that you can play at exactly the level that you're comfortable with. The slots pay jackpots up to £10,000 and can offer a surprisingly large reward for the few lucky players that hit it big.

If you don't understand how to play any of the table games you can ask for some quick help while at a table in the casino, or you can watch the game progress to learn how it goes. There are also helpful playing guides (such as this one for Three Card Poker) right on the Rainbow Casino website for players who want to learn ahead of time.

Good Food And Drinks

Each of the Rainbow Casinos is fitted with a quality restaurant and bar. Fine dining comes together with excellent service for a truly enjoyable time. You'll enjoy many of the traditional meals served on the menu. The restaurants are also made to handle large parties and to supply food to gamblers who are in a hurry to get back out to the floor once again.

Rainbow Casino

Make Use Of Party Packages

Players looking to have a good time with some gambling, good food and additional perks can save on it all by buying one of the special party packages. Three different levels of party packages give you added money to spend at the casino while providing you with quality food and a drink before you ever make it out onto the floor. The packages are priced reasonably and after accounting for all the perks they provide they are an excellent deal.

Enjoy The Free Membership Bonuses

When you take the time to become a free member of the casino by going through the registration process in person or on your computer at home you'll receive a bunch of additional discounts. New members receive casino vouchers, money off at the bar and even discounts for the restaurant. By taking the time to become a free member you can make your visits even more affordable and really maximize your fun. Not only that but by becoming a member you don't have to worry about showing identification once you pass the £1500 threshold while playing.