Understanding Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is an issue in every country that's legalized gambling, and even in some places that haven't legalised it. There's no arguing that some British players are having trouble staying out of the casinos, even when it's causing problems in their lives. In fact, as many as 500,000 British players are estimated to be problem gamblers this year, and that figures only going up. If you suspect that you suffer from gambling addiction, or if you know someone else that does, it's up to you to try and get help.

The Signs Of Problem Gambling

If you exhibit any of these symptoms of a problem gambler you could be adversely affecting your life by heading to casinos or playing online.

You Feel Like You Have To Hide Details About Your Gambling

If you feel like you either have to keep it secret from everyone that you gamble or talk down the amount of gambling that you do, you could very well have a problem that needs to be resolved. Gambling isn't something that you should be ashamed of, and if it is a source of shame you should consider that you might have a problem.

Learning to control gambling addiction is a long-term process.

It's Hard To Control Gambling

If you're having a difficult time controlling when you gamble, and when you stop playing you likely have a problem. Casino games can be quite addictive and some people have a hard time walking away, but if you can't bring yourself to do it when you know you should, that's an issue.

You Gamble Even When You Can't Afford To

Gambling addiction is even more of a problem when you can't afford to gamble any longer. If you are failing behind on bills and other responsibilities because you're using your money to gamble, that is a serious issue. That doesn't mean people who can afford to gamble don't have a problem though, if you have some of the other symptoms you're still likely a problem gambler even if you can afford the habit.

Getting Help

If you know someone that suffers from problem gambling, or you feel like you might have problems with gambling there is a resource you can use for help known as GamCare. The organisation provides a self-assessment tool making it easy to determine whether or not you actually need help.

After going through the test and finding out if you need help with problem gambling, you can use the service to get the support you need.


Sometimes talking over the phone just isn't enough to solve a problem. That's when face-to-face interaction is the way to go. If you need more help than what the phone line can provide you, there is free counselling offered at a number of locations around the UK. You can visit this website to find counselling locally and get help to fix the problems gambling has caused in your life.

A variety of therapeutic methods are used throughout a counselling session, so you can get to the root of the problem on work on solutions that are going to help you.

Using The Helpline

One of the best ways to get immediate help to figure out your problem and how to take back control of your life is the Helpline. By dialling 0808 8020 133 you can get the help that you need between 8am and midnight every day of the week. Calling this number is absolutely free from all UK landlines, and also free for a variety of mobile services such as Orange, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and O2.