Benefits of being VIP

UK players usually aren't concerned about VIP programmes at British casinos initially, but as they become more seasoned and increase the amount of time spent at these sites that interest naturally grows. You will get the best perks when you play your way to VIP status at the finest online betting sites such as Betway Casino. This casino really knows how to take care of its high priority customers by offering a great rewards program.

If you plan on spending a decent amount of time gambling it's important to look out for a UK casino VIP programme that offers everything you want.

  • Earn cash prizes
  • Win cool trips
  • Enjoy preferential treatment
  • Play in exclusive tournaments
  • Get help from a dedicated advisor

The Benefits of VIP and Loyalty Programs

Online casinos with VIP programs rewards you for placing a certain number of bets over time. As your level of bets increases so does your status at the casino.

Loyal players in Britain can earn real money back to bet at the casino, vacations, cool trips to casinos and entries into major contests.

Not only that, but you'll also get your own customer service representative most of the time as a top player at the casino. There are even exclusive tournaments and contests available for the elite players and high rollers to participate in. Casino loyalty schemes can make playing at a specific casino over a long period more rewarding and enjoyable overall.

Players do whatever they can to become members of VIP programs because of the rewards given for their consistent loyalty.

How These Loyalty Programs Work

A VIP or casino loyalty scheme is split up into different tiers. These are often known as something like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. As you play at the no download or software-based casino and you bet more money your status will move up from one level to another. Each level rewards the player with more points to spend toward prizes as well as some exclusive benefits like being able to play in a dedicated real money tournament.

To hold that status at VIP casino online you simply have to continue to bet the same amount each and every month. The programmes are usually quite easy to understand and they come with enough benefits to make them exciting to use.

How We Find and Rate Casino VIP Programs

It's hard to understand how beneficial a loyalty programme can be until you're involved with one that's top notch. That's why it is so important to join up with a leading casino the first time you get started. Our team spent time tracking down top United Kingdom casinos with excellent VIP programmes. Whether they are no download casinos or otherwise, they truly reward players for sticking with the service over time, and make it more enjoyable to play over the long term.

In order to find these leading casinos a great deal of research had to be conducted. The different rewards were compared and the online casino with the most favourable perks was given preference above the rest. If you want to be a UK casino VIP you only need to look over the research that we conducted to the find the quality options. Of course each will have a good real money deposit bonus, excellent software and a good selection of real cash games to play, but the VIP programme for these United Kingdom options will be given the most focus.

Our Casino Rewards Scheme Recommendations

Finding the right VIP casino online that is going to treat you like the VIP that you are is simple when you know what to look for, but it can be truly time consuming as well. There's no reason to spend all that time searching when the work's already been done. A VIP UK casino programme isn't much fun if you have to spend weeks or months finding it, rather than earning loyalty points. That's why you should just look throughout UK VIP online casino list and decide on the site that you want to try out. There are plenty of quality options, and we're more than happy to provide them for you. Still got questions? Check out our guide to VIP programmes for some more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online VIP Casinos

What are online VIP casinos?

VIP casinos are ones that either have VIP programs you can opt into once you spend a certain amount of money at that online casino, or that high-roller players can enter into by special request or by invitation.

Within these special programs, players will find higher betting limits, catered customer service, and countless other benefits that aren't available to other non-VIP players.

What types of games can be played?

Most VIP casinos offer variations of all the same casino online real cash games that you'd find at a normal online casino.

Generally though, the most popular games for VIP players are craps, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Who is eligible for these loyalty and VIP bonuses?

This varies from casino to casino. At some casinos online, if you demonstrate that you a high-roller you may receive an invite to the VIP program based just off of that.

At others, the VIP program is exclusive to those that have wagered a certain amount of money at that casino online.

What benefits are there to joining a loyalty program?

Members at VIP online casinos enjoy preferential treatment, higher betting limits, exclusive tournament entry, and even the chance to win amazing prizes such as trips to exotic locations and of course large amounts of real cash.

Which sites and programs are best for high rollers?

This page you're on currently is consistently updated with the best VIP casino online programs found anywhere online.

These things of course change, but right now the favorite VIP online casino of high rollers seems to be Betway.

Is there a minimum amount you must spend to receive some of these bonuses back?

Usually, yes.

Again, every online casino is different and you should always read the fine print before joining any casino rewards scheme. However, most require that before you can cash out with any bonus real money that the site offered you, you must first wager a designated amount of money (usually 30x-50x the value of the bonus) on its casino games.

How does playing in a VIP casino rewards scheme compare with normal online casino play?

For starters, the betting limits and possible real money wins are going to be a lot larger.

As a VIP, you'll also have access to tournaments and maybe even some games that non-VIP players don’t. You’ll also be treated as a top priority by customer service, and many online VIP casinos even will assign you a personal virtual assistant to handle your banking transactions so that you can deposit and withdraw real money funds effortlessly and quickly.