How Online Casino Security Works

Online Casino Security

Casinos go through a great deal of trouble in order to protect your personal assets, and that's good for you since it's your money on the line just as much as theirs.

A secure online casino likes to ensure:

  • Games are fair and audited for truly random play
  • The cashier provides top level SSL encryption on payments
  • All players' data and information is kept secure and never shared

It's truly impressive all the different things that casinos do to keep from losing valuable financial information or money, and knowing even just a few things about casino security and how it works will make you feel better the next time you visit an online casino. Only place wagers at the most secure casinos such as the highly acclaimed Betway Casino. You can expect bank grade security here with SLL encryption and several other features that protect your financial and personal information from prying eyes.

How Online Casinos Get Licensed

Each casino operating out of a respected district such as Gibraltar, Malta or the United Kingdom itself must be licensed in order to comply with local laws. It's this licensing that helps protect players so much. The process is different for each country, but typically it goes something like this.

  • Inspect company to see if illegal activities are taking place
  • Demand data protection and complete financial records
  • Regularly overlook financial records
  • Ensure compliance with all player protection regulations

Only after meeting with all these requirements can a casino receive their licence in the country. It's easy to determine if a casino has an actual licence by looking through the gaming authority database for compliant organisations.

Random Number Generators And How They Are Enforced

All the games that operate at a secure casino online rely on random number generators or RNGs. These are special programmes that spit out numbers in some range randomly. They're put in place at casinos to keep the outcome of the different games fair.

If you're thinking that a casino could just fake such a generator or skew the outcome in some other way, that's exactly why there is an inspection process to keep this from happening. Organisations like eCOGRA aare put in place to allow casinos to test their RNGs to see if they are truly random, and most jurisdictions require these tests and that casinos post regular results of them so they can be inspected.

Here's a quick list of some of the most common casino safety testing vendors available today .

  • CTL (Compliance Testing Laboratory)
  • Dustronics
  • Eclipse Compliance Testing
  • NMi Gaming
  • QALag Pty
  • eCOGRA

How Encryption Technology Protects You

Every reputable casino uses what's known as P128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect information from prying eyes.

Essentially any important transaction between you, the casino and other organizations is coded or encrypted so only the involved parties have access to this transmitted information. This system protects your most valuable data and it's the same system used by banks and large online retailers to protect customer data.

No Storing of Vital Data

Many casinos have to collect delicate information from players during the verification process. One way that these establishments protect that data is by verifying it and then getting rid of it.

While your valuable information might be evaluated when joining a casino, it's often erased after verification and not stored. This is one of the best casino safety ways to protect that information.

Payment Methods That Are Convenient For You

Most casinos work with establish payment entities like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Neteller to protect a player's finances. When using one of these established financial bodies it's easier to keep your money safe because they have their own protections built in. These casino safety methods are often safer than direct-linking a personal bank account to a casino, though that would have some built-in protections as well.

Casino security is one of the first things that comes to mind before creating an account. Any established bookie takes that very seriously by making their site as safe as possible, especially when it comes to financial transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Security

How do I know if a site has good online casino security?

The first thing you should do (other than just look at our recommendations, since all the ones we recommend have great casino safety) is see if the secure casino online has been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

If it has, then it should also have a seal of approval from a quality-assurance organization like eCOGRA. If it has both of these things and a good review from us, then consider that site to be a secure online casino!

How do casinos online get their licenses?

For an online casino to be granted a license from a quality-assurance organization, it must meet a stringent set of standards that that organization has set forth.

For instance, with eCOGRA, online casinos must demonstrate that their business and their software must protect their customers, prevent underage gambling, offer a secure gameplay environment, and many other specifications.

What is SSL encryption?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption protocol that protects digital communication and businesses.

This is the type of technology that banks use to protect their customers online financials, and what most of the most safest online casinos also use.

How safe is it to do banking transactions with online casinos?

There are some bad apples out there, but most popular and safest online casinos have superb security protecting their banking transactions (otherwise, they probably wouldn't be popular).

If you follow our recommendations on this page you'll be sure to only find online casinos out there that have state-of-the-art technology protecting your transactions and personal information.

Can secure online casino games be played on a public network?

Absolutely! Any game where you can see the actions of or play against other players (like blackjack or poker for instance) are on a shared network. Often these networks include multiple secure online casinos and poker rooms.

What is eCOGRA exactly?

eCOGRA is a London based organization dedicated to regulating the online gambling industry. They issue a number of different seals that allow prospective players to know that a given online casino site follows practices that protect players and ensure a fair and balanced game.