The Casino Terminology Index

Casino Terminology

9/6 – Video poker term that means a machine that pays the full amount of 45/30 coins for a Full House and Flush

Ante – This is a table game term to identify a side bet between some, but not all of the players.

Action – The total amount of money wagered by a player during a full gaming session.

Baccarat – A table game using 6 to 8 decks of cards that doesn't require skill. Also known as Punto Banco.

Banker – Another name for the dealer at a particular casino game. Responsible for taking chips and handing them back on based on wins and losses.

Bank Roll – The amount of money that a player has that he or she is willing to risk gambling on different games.

Barred – Players are sometimes forbidden from entering a casino and playing at it. They are barred.

Bet – The wager made by a player at a casino game, typically a table game like blackjack.

Betting Limits – The highest and lowest amount that a player can bet at a particular game. These limits are usually posted on the game.

Big Blind – The wager used to start off the pot of a poker game. This is typically the size of the minimum bet and directly after the small blind.

Bingo – A game played on a 5x5 card w#term- players attempt to spell out B-I-N-G-O to win a prize.

Blind Bet – Placing a bet without ever looking at the cards, this is often used for poker players.

Brit Brag – A three card poker game.

Buck – A wager that amounts to $100.

Burn Card – A card on top of the deck of cards that is put face down on the discard pile just before the deck of cards is cut by the dealer.

Buy In – Players often have to convert cash into chips to play at a table, chips often don't have value away from the table. Also a term poker players use when rebuying chips for the second time to get back into a tournament.

Call – Matching the current bet, typically used in poker.

Chips – Small tokens used by players at table games in place of actual cash. They are used at casinos around the world.

Click2Pay – An electronic payment and withdrawal method similar to Neteller used to handle payments by some casinos.

Comps – Free points or complimentary points given out by casinos that can be traded for prizes and other special bonuses. Often given out in exchange for wagers at the casino.

Dealer – An employee of the casino responsible for dealing out cards, taking bets and keeping table games going.

Deuce – This means the number 2 in any casino game.

eCOGRA – A regulating body in the United Kingdom that ensures online casinos are operating under fair practices.

Face Cards – The cards that have faces on them with traditional decks of cards. This includes the jacks, queens and kings.

Flash Casino – A casino that makes use of Macromedia Flash to provide games. Usually these casinos offer fewer options but as long as the Flash plugin is installed no download is necessary to play the casino games.

Fold – To exit the hand in poker, forfeit any bets made so far and sit out. This is done to avoid having to place further bets with a hand that isn't likely to win.

Fruit Machine – A casual betting machine similar to a slot machine. Requires more skill than slots and pays out less money.

Gambling – Willingly risking money in the hopes of a positive outcome. Gamblers usually realise they have low odds of winning.

Hit – Another card upon request in blackjack.

High Roller – A player that wagers a great deal of money, casinos often give these players special privileges.

Hole Card – The unexposed dealer card down on the table in blackjack. Won't be revealed until the player is finished with his turn.

House Edge – The advantage the casino has over a player in any one specific game. This is usually represented by a percentage.

Jackpot – The biggest prize paid out by a slot machine. What most players hope to hit when playing slots or fruit machines.

JoB – This is known as Jacks or Better and it's the standard and original type of Video Poker, though many variations are played today.

Keno – A prize game much like Bingo. Players choose 15 numbers and then a random drawing from about 80 numbers determines the winner.

KYC – This stands for know your customer, which is standard protocol that all online casinos have to follow. They must request ID at some point to ensure they have the right customer ID and the player can actually legally use the casino.

Line – This is short for payline, which is one of the reels on a slot machine that shows the symbols to the player.

Maximum Coins – This refers to using the most coins that are allowed while playing a slot machine. This is usually between 2 and 5 coins per payline and t#term- are often special prizes and perks given out by the machine for doing this.

Match Bonus – A match bonus is a special credit bonus given out by casinos that matches a percentage of money initially deposited. These bonuses usually have to be unlocked by depositing so much and wagering a certain amount of money at the casino.

Microgaming – One of the leading casino software companies. Is thought to have established on of the first online casinos and offers some highly popular games today.

Payline – A single reel on a slot machine. This is w#term- symbols are displayed and the player finds out whether or not he won.

Pot – The collection of all the wagers at the centre of the table. The winning player collects all of this.

Progressive Jackpot – A massive prize paid out by slot machines that are linked together. The prize grows as each of the linked players plays the game.

Neteller – An electronic wallet service for players looking to deposit and withdraw money from a casino. Often a faster way to pull money out of a casino account than using a traditional bank.

Pass – To skip betting and to fold out of the current hand of the game. A term used in poker quite frequently.

Paytable – A list of all the winning combinations for a game and the payout associate with that combo.

Player's Club – Another name for a VIP or a member of the loyalty programme at a casino.

PlayTech – A leading casino software developer, well known for casino products including poker room software.

Playthrough – This is the amount of wagers that you have to make in order to cash out a bonus offered by a casino. It usually applies to match bonuses.

Quads – Four of the same card, for example 5,5,5,5 a very strong poker hand overall.

Raise – An increase to the current bet on the table in a game of poker. Players raise the bet and everyone else is forced to follow or fold.

RTP – This stands for return to player and means the percentage of money given back to players compared to what is taken in by the game.

Risk Of Ruin – The total amount of gameplay that it would take to run out of chips completely at a game. This is usually referencing a calculation.

Royal Flush – A Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all of the same suit. The best hand that you can get in a typical game of poker.

Scatters – Special symbols that appear on a slot machine. They offer payouts even without matching up with other symbols on the reels.

Small Blind – Typically half the big blind or minimum bet required. The player just after the dealer is required to put this out most of the time and it's to get players started betting in poker.

Stack – All the chips that you have with you at a table.

Straight – A set of five cards that all run in one direction. For instance 3,4,5,6,7 is a low value straight.

Surrender – A blackjack term that means giving away half your bet to avoid finishing the rest of the hand.

Three of a Kind – Three of the same rank cards. 10,10,10 for instance. A hand in poker.

Toke – A tip made to a dealer of either chips or money.

TOS Or T&C; – This stands for Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions. Either way it is the rules set out by the casino that players have to follow.

Turn – The second set of cards dealt during a poker match.

Two Pair – Two sets of pair cards, a term used in Poker. eg. 10, 10 and 8, 8.

Up Card – The one card of the dealer's that's visible during blackjack.

Variance – The variation between expected wins and losses and actual wins and losses. In roulette a high amount of variance means players have to go through many spins to reach expected gambling results.

VIP – A high status player due to a loyalty programme tracked by an online casino. Often receives special treatment and additional prizes.

Wagering Requirement – The total amount of money that has to be wagered before you can obtain a bonus offered by a casino.