Understanding How Casino Bonuses Work

How Casino Bonuses Work

Casinos are constantly giving out bonuses, perks and rewards to new players that join them. This is to encourage new players to try out the casino, and is one of the most powerful marketing tactics the organization has. If you're going to play at online casinos it's important for you to understand how all those bonuses work and how you can make the most of them. After all, they are going to keep giving them out whether you use them or not, you might as well fund your entertainment with them in the best way possible.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a reward that casinos give new players without requiring them to make a deposit at all. Typically it's a smaller amount like £5 or £10, but it's enough for you to try out the casino. To obtain this bonus you simply sign up at the location, and usually don't even have to register a payment method to qualify.

There are a few limitations that often come with this type of bonus though. Some casinos will put a limit on the maximum that you can withdraw from your account when using a no deposit bonus to play, just in case you win a big prize. Others won't limit you but will force you to make a good faith deposit into your account before being able to withdraw those winnings. Either way, there are usually a few hidden rules that you have to read the terms to find.

The Match Bonus

Match bonuses are very common at British casinos. This is the type of bonus that will reward you with a percentage of your initial deposit as bonus money for you to play. So for instance, the casino might give you £100 if you deposit £200. That would be 50% match bonus. To obtain such a bonus you don't just have to make that initial deposit, you usually have to wager a specific amount of money as well. This is measured by so many times the bonus.

So to unlock the bonus you may have to wager 30x times the bonus or £3,000 in order to get the money added to your account. It's important to find out what the wafer requirement is before you join the casino, because that's the only real way to compare different match bonuses from casino to casino.

A Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonuses are more rare than most of the other types listed here, but they can be quite lucrative if you play your cards right (pun intended). The casino will give out a bonus similar to a no deposit bonus, but you aren't allowed to withdraw any of the bonus money. In other words, if you do win money while playing, you have to pay back that bonus before you take out any of your winnings. Since this bonus is pretty secure for the casino, you might be given as much as £500 or £1,000 that you can play with. Use this money to play for high limits and if you manage to hit a big jackpot you could still withdraw a sizeable amount, just keep in mind that you have to give that bonus back to withdraw.

Free Money Bonus

A free money bonus is one of the better options that you'll find at a casino, but they generally offer smaller amounts such as £20 for making your initial deposit. This bonus is given to you as soon as you complete the simple requirements like joining and making a small deposit. There usually aren't any wager or deposit requirements to obtain the bonus, unlike with a match bonus.

A free money bonus makes it easy to start playing at a casino almost instantly.

Exclusive Bonus Deal

Some online casinos make special deals with websites to promote their service. For instance, by visiting a major website that works with the casino you might see that you get a special joining bonus by entering a code that's provided to you at the website. This rewards the website for making the connection and it rewards you with a special deal that you wouldn't have otherwise received. In some instances the reward is a higher match bonus, or a no deposit bonus when the casino doesn't give them out. Read over the terms of the deal and make sure you understand it before joining. These bonuses are good to use because they aren't offered to everyone.